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Alaska sea duck hunting on Kodiak Island with Kodiak Island AdventuresAlaska duck hunting a nice pair of Harlequins taken last year

 Duck hunting on Kodiak Island

 Afognak lodge operates out of Seal bay Alaska 240 miles south of Anchorage on the north west side of afognak Island. We operate Trophy duck hunts on the near bye lagoons and bays of this nutrient rich ocean environment located along side of the Afognak State Park and Kodiak Wildlife refuge a wildlife mecca. All boat hunts take place on Saltwater Lagoons or open ocean. This remote area of Kodiak Island Alaska is known for its high concentrations of Prime Sea ducks and resident waterfowl  opportunity during the peak in  October, November and December.

   Specializing in a guided sea duck hunting Cast N Blast combo this is the ultimate big boys vacation.  We will take guest's on combination duck-deer and Elk hunts with guides and  boats utilizing only the finest quality  Decoys and lodge facilities. if your into collecting the hard to find ducks then we have the hunt for you.

Kodiak Sea Duck Species  Available

We specialize in mature specimen of  Harlequin, Scoter, Oldsquaw , Barrows Goldeneye, and Mallards. Each hunter can reasonably expect allot of shooting during the week although the limits are 20 seaducks per season with no more than 4 of any one species harvested for the season.  If you break the law we will turn you in as there is no grey areas. If you cripple a bird and it gets away it will be counted against your possession limit so practice shooting before you come and get high quality ammunition we recommend heavy shot #1-2 or steel- BB or #2.   

How We Sea Duck hunt on Kodiak Island

oldsquaw limitited out in Jan-06 Aleutian Island waterfowlers
These trips run 3-5-7 days all-inclusive with meals, lodging and  fully guided hunts to include: boats, blinds & decoys. We have 4-6 hunters per week in this remote island location with 2 professional guides. We rotate daily between our 3 shore blind locations and offer near shore boat hunts over decoys when weather and winds permit.

These hunts all take place during winter conditions utilizing  camo patterns and each hunter should be prepared to hunt in temperatures that can range from -20 to +40.









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